1952 Panhead

Just Do It

With my father’s life-lasting adoration for motorcycles and his newly acquired Harley Davidson I was destined to ride a motorcycle eventually.

Being inspired by his handyman-skills and the Biker Build-Off episodes at the Discovery Channel (a show where 2 bike-builders square off and build a custom motorcycle), I started thinking: why buy one if I can design and build one?

Fueled by the knowledge I can do anything I set my mind to, I started doing some research on how I could fulfill this dream.

1952 Seems Old Enough

A couple of weeks and lots of Euros later I was the proud owner of a revised 1952 Harley Davidson Panhead engine and 4-speed transmission.

A genuine 1952 HD manual and the World Wide Web provided me with all the knowledge I needed. Soon I was skilled in motorcycle maintenance, welding, grinding, and all kinds of metal working crafts.

Past Time Passion

What started as a passion, is now my main activity once every Sunday for a few hours when I get to visit my parents garage. And yes, I do get to see my parents from time to time.

Tidbits and Inspection

Besides the obvious paint, the motorcycle needs a new electrical system and some little tidbits. But this all dwarfs in comparison to the work needed to pass inspection and make it road legal.

My current operations focus on getting the bike ready for its approval, which is scheduled to take place some time when I feel I have sufficient time.

Diving into the Deep End

It’s an illustration of my broad range of ever-developing skills and my ability to conjure anything I can get my hands on. When this project is done, I’ll ride a custom motorcycle, designed and hand-built by me.


completed in: when I can finally find the time
time spent on project: almost every Sunday afternoon for the past 2,5 years
stakeholder: me, myself and I

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